No matter what group of islands you are planning to visit, there is no shortage of beaches! Greece is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world; ranging from a stunning red-sand beach in Santorini to the pearly white-sand beaches in Mykonos, there is always a new, beautiful beach to discover!


A paradise among beachgoers, Mykonos is home to a plethora of beach resorts, beach bars, and beach clubs; sprinkled across the vast coastline of the Mediterranean Sea.

Platys Gialos Beach:

One of the most popular beaches on Mykonos, is a short bus ride away from the town’s centre, a wide variety of restaurants and offers a water taxi to other beaches! Spend the entire day at Platys Gialos or head to the centre of town to cool off with the perfect summer cocktail!

Ornos Beach:

A family-friendly beach, surrounded by delicious restaurants and the cool, sapphire ocean; the perfect spot for you and your young ones to spend a fun-filled day!

Psarou Beach:

A glamorous beach, with an upscale beach club, provides a lavish experience for any traveller. If you have a little extra in your budget plan a trip to this fabulous hotspot!

Paraga Beach:

There is no shortage in what this beach has to offer; three beach clubs are laid out on the beautiful sand of this beach! The clubs keep this place busy and crowded but the beauty is worth the hustle and bustle!

Elia Beach:

If you want to avoid bumping elbows with other tourists, Elia beach is perfect for giving you that personal space. The longest beach on Mykonos has a water taxi and multiple bus routes that shuttle people in and out all day long! There is plenty of room to explore on this sandy escape!

elias-beach Greece

Paradise Beach:

Famous for its party scene, Paradise beach is best visited after dark. The lively, young crowd loves to wait for the sun to set before hitting up the never-ending list of bars on the beach! This party beach is sure to please all those looking for a night full of entertainment!

Super Paradise Beach:

If you’re looking to escape the crowds at Paradise Beach, Super Paradise Beach may be the perfect place for you. This beach is only accessible by small boats and has a few beach bars. The small beach provides a lot of activities to keep you going for the entire day!

Agios Ioannis Beach:

Spend a day relaxing in solitude and taking in the beautiful scenery at Agios Ioannis Beach. The quiet beach is considered one of the most stunning in Mykonos, visit one of the taverns and enjoy a relaxing day on the sand.

Agrari Beach:

A quiet and secluded oasis away from the regular beachgoing crowd; delivers unspoiled sands and clean waters. The beach is so secluded that the only way to get there is to take a bus from Elia and then walk 15 minutes to the beach; there are no buses from the main town of Mykonos so pack to spend the whole day at the beach!

Megali Ammos Beach:

A few steps away from The Chora, Megali Ammos is a pleasant beach with gusting winds that are perfect for a day of kite flying!

Lia Beach:

Grab your gear and head to Lia beach for a day full of snorkelling underneath the crystal-clear waters. A great beach to spend the day relaxing and exploring the Mediterranean.

Fokos Beach:

Fokos is another peaceful beach that does not get a huge influx of tourism due to the lack of transportation. However, don’t let that stop you from visiting the remarkable beach and the welcoming tavern located just outside of the beach.


Santorini is most well-known for its unique, volcanic sand beaches; showcasing the natural beauty of Greece and offering a nice bit of privacy. These beaches have some of the clearest waters that you’ll see, and the contrast between the dark sands and the crystal-clear waters is sure to take your breath away!

Kamari Beach:

Kamari is a family-friendly beach has so much to offer and is only a few miles away from the airport; it is the perfect place to relax, enjoy a pleasant meal and take in some of the sights before you get ready to venture through Greece.

kamari beach-Santorini

Perissa Beach:

South of Kamari is Perissa beach, a vast grey sand beach that is a gathering spot for backpackers and partiers alike. This beach is the watering hole for an evening beach party free of clubs and bars; however, it still provides nice restaurants for those looking to enjoy a quiet meal before the crowds come in at sunset.

Perivolos Beach:

Further south of Kamari and Perissa; lies Perivolos. This beach is similar to the other two but has more space so you may be able to find a stretch of beach to yourself to spend the day on. Among the three beaches this is the furthest south and provides the most privacy but still has great entertainment and an amazing party yet family-friendly vibe.

Monolithos Beach:

Monolithos beach is considered the most family-friendly beach on Santorini, it is a quiet beach away from tourists, with small restaurants, shops and hotels. There is also a small play area for children on the sand where they can build sandcastles while you watch the tides roll in.

Ammoudi Bay:

Take a jump from the cliffs and dive into the sparkling blue water at Ammoudi bay. Even though, Ammoudi Bay is not considered a beach by the classic definition the small fishing bay surrounded by the deep red rocks makes it worth visiting. Visiting Amoudi Bay is more than just the rush of cliff jumping there are also many appealing restaurants that surround the swimming hole!

Vourvoulos Beach:

Located on the west side of the island, Vourvoulos beach is quiet and has very few visitors. There are a few small restaurants and a small fishing port directly behind the beach. Enjoy your morning stroll on this isolated beach away from the busy city centre.

Eros Beach:

Getting to Eros beach is not an easy task but it is worth the journey; the private little corner of Santorini is a perfect place to relax and have a romantic day with your partner tucked away from the rest of the world. This secluded and private beach exudes romance; it is no wonder why it hosts many discrete weddings!

Katharos Beach:

Katharos beach is charming and surrounded by volcanic rock which provides the stunning backdrop that gives this beach its personality! The natural beauty and the striking sunsets of Katharos will surely have you returning for more; the amazing scenery is worth the trek to this amazing beach.

Koloumbos Beach:

The only nudist-friendly beach in Santorini is tucked away among a mountain of rocks. Stroll along the black pebble filled beach that provides enough privacy for you to relax in peace.

Vlychada Beach:

Surrounded by massive cliffs, Vlychada’s enormous landscape has enough space for everyone who wants to visit; there is enough space for everyone to rent out an umbrella and beach chair. Vychlada is an extraordinary example of the beauty that defines Santorini.

Red Beach:

Red beach is breathtaking; the red, pebbly, sand and the stunning cliffside in the background is a unique experience. This is one of the defining beaches of Santorini and is what makes Santorini one of the most beautiful places in Greece. The unique red sand is hard to find anywhere else.

akrotiri - Red beach

Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands are gaining popularity among tourists and beachgoers; Corfu, Zakynthos, and Kefalonia are a few of the island cities that are making the Ionian island a popular destination! On the western side of the mainland the Ionian islands are popular for the vivid green landscape and the turquoise waters that surround it!

Myrtos Beach:

The most famous beach in Kefalonia has been acclaimed one of the 30 best beaches in the world; because of its lush cliff sides and vibrant water, the sight is unbelievable! Most of the island is organized with a variety of sundecks and umbrellas perfect for relaxing under the sun; while the other part is secluded and untouched making it the perfect spot discover the rawest part of Kefalonia.

Porto Katsiki:

Porto Katsiki is the most famous beach in Lefkada and is surrounded by towering cliffs and sparkling water. This beach is on the southwestern side of the island and is just a short boat ride from the ports across the sea. An outing to these magnificent cliffs, followed by a dip in the cool water is a perfect way to spend the day in Lefkada.

Paleokastritsa Beach:

Nestled in Corfu, Paleokastritsa beach is very popular among visitors during peak season; however, small coves surround the beach so you can enjoy a more remote and calming experience. You can also view the renowned Monastery of Paleokastritsa peaked on right on top of the hill. This famous beach has so much to offer its guests, with multiple ways to relax, shop, or eat this beach can suit everyone.

Egremni Beach:

The soft sands of Egremni beach stretch for miles; making it a vast wonderland of sun and surf, located on the edge of Lefkada. The grand beach is sectioned off by a variety of umbrellas, beach chairs and beach bars; however, the largest section of the beach is mostly unorganized and is the perfect environment for relaxing.

Antisamos Beach:

Hills full of green trees and deep, deep blue water surround Antisamos beach located on the eastern side of Kefalonia island. This beach is well organized with a variety of sunbeds, beach bars and a water sports centre. Visit this beach for a fun day full of activity and to see a famous spot where scenes of the film Captain Corelli’s Mandolin were shot!

Gerakas Beach:

Similar to other beaches Gerakas is partially organized with sunbeds and umbrellas; while the other and most southern half is unorganized. However, this beach is very popular among travellers because Caretta-Caretta sea turtles return to the indulgent sands of Gerakas beach to lay their eggs so there are special precautions are taken to protect this amazing part of nature. The beauty of Gerakas is reason enough to visit but if you needed another you may be lucky enough to spot a sea turtle.

Agios Gordios:

The large bay is surrounded by lush emerald cliffs that reflect into the sparkling blue waters producing a green hue; this is unique to Agios Gordios and represents a beautiful relationship among nature. The sandy shore is the perfect spot to lay and gaze at the dazzling water while looking at a brilliant sunset!

Navagio Beach:

Navagio beach in Zakynthos has been featured in multiple travel magazines as one of the most stunning beaches in Greece, the Blue Caves located on the northern side is what makes this beach is different from the others. The glistening white sand makes a striking statement against the sapphire blue waters; take a trip to stare at the impressive setting.

Navagio Beach - Ionian Islands

Greece is home to a wide variety of beautifully unique beaches that have been made famous among people and magazines. These beaches provide stunning scenery that one would not find anywhere else in the world.

There is also a beach that is capable to accommodate the needs of every type of traveller with a wide variety of restaurants, clubs and beach bars on every beach. If you are unsure what beach to check out here are some reminders: partiers; check out Mykonos; solitude; Myrtos beach in Kefalonia has the perfect combination of privacy and accessibility; or if you are looking for a family-friendly option visit Kamari beach with your little ones.

The options are endless when looking for the perfect beach to soak under the sun and experience the Greek island life! Discover how you can have the picture-perfect beach vacation before it’s too late!

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