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Category: Crete

Greece in May: Where to Go and What to Do

Greece in May opens a window to enchanting landscapes and cultural wonders, without the blistering summer heat and crowds of tourists. Picture a country awakening to the warmth of spring, where ancient ruins bask in gentle sunlight, festivals bring vibrancy to historic streets, and coastal vistas beckon with their crystal-clear waters and blue skies.  This […]

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Greece in December: Where to Go and What to Do

Given Greece is renowned for its sun-kissed islands, you wouldn’t be alone in thinking, ‘Is December a good time to go to Greece’? However, this European gem is certainly more than just a summer escape – it's a captivating destination throughout the year. As winter unveils its enchanting face, December brings a unique charm to […]

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Greece in November: Where to Go and What to Do

When you imagine a trip to this European hotspot, you probably picture lying back on a beach soaking up the warmth of the Mediterranean sun. Although Greece’s appeal in summer is undeniable, travellers can sometimes miss out on the rich cultural offerings Greece can provide at other times. As the golden hues of autumn embrace […]

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Greece in October: Where to Go and What to Do

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Considered to be the ‘shoulder season’ for tourism, Greece in October reveals a more relaxed and authentic experience of this Mediterranean paradise. As summer gracefully transitions into autumn, travellers are greeted with milder temperatures, lower prices, lesser crowds and a chance to discover Greece's rich cultural heritage and warm hospitality in its most genuine form. […]

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Food and Drinks in Crete

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Traditional Cretan Recipes Cretan cuisine is distinguished and traditional. Local cheese, famous olive oil and punchy liqueurs are just three of the treats on offer. If you visit this island, there are some dishes that you should definitely try. Don’t expect over the top fancy dishes, just pay attention to the quality of the food […]

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Things to do in Crete

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Rethymno Discover the old town, which is a gem of a settlement on the island, with its Venetian buildings, mosques, minarets, fountains and cobblestone alleys lined with shops, cafes, bars and hotels. You must explore Idaio Antro – one of the most important caves of Minoan worship. Heraklion Heraklion, the Venetian port, a lively city filled […]

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