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The Weather in Croatia in September

The Weather in Croatia in September

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Croatia repeatedly tops the list as one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. Home to stretching coastal landscapes, historic cities, and breathtaking natural parks brimming with beauty and culture, it’s no wonder why the country has gained the recognition it has amongst travellers.  Whilst tourists visit the country year-round, there are some times […]

Croatia repeatedly tops the list as one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. Home to stretching coastal landscapes, historic cities, and breathtaking natural parks brimming with beauty and culture, it’s no wonder why the country has gained the recognition it has amongst travellers. 

Whilst tourists visit the country year-round, there are some times of the year that prove more popular than others. Summer, for example, is the most visited season in which the country has its best weather and its landscapes are shown in their best lights. The rest of the year remains lesser visited by tourists, but, this doesn’t mean that the country is any less desirable. 

In particular, September is a unique time of year which straddles the tail end of summer and the beginning of autumn, making it a favourable time of year to make the most of the best of the Croatia climate and more favourable tourism conditions. 

This is exactly why we’ve looked at the weather in September in Croatia to help you best prepare if you’re planning a trip to the country at this time of year, including things to do, what to wear, and even where to stay.

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The Temperature in Croatia in September

September weather in Croatia is pleasant, with an average minimum temperature of 19ºC and daily highs of 26ºC, creating a comfortable climate.

Similarly, the sea temperature in Croatia sits at an average of 23ºC, which is more than pleasing for those looking to cool off in the heat of the day by paddling beside the country’s breathtaking coastal settings.

Weather Conditions in Croatia in September

The weather in Croatia in September is largely sunny. On average, the month sees 12 hours of daylight each day, with eight of these hours being sunshine-filled. There’s a 41% chance of encountering both sun and cloud during the month, with the other 59% being filled with blissful sunshine. 

With a higher chance of a completely sunny day, and with it being the tail end of summertime, the UV index in Croatia in September is normally a 5, which is classed as moderate. This means that travellers should wear sunscreen and sufficient sun protection. 

The weather forecast in Croatia in September, on average, sees 7 rainy days throughout the month, which means it’s likely that you won’t have to tolerate a rainy day during your visit to the country. And when it comes to snowfall, September is not a time of year in which these weather conditions occur.

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The Best Ways to Enjoy the Weather in Croatia in September

Visit a Vineyard During Harvest Season

Viticulture is one of the main agricultural industries of Croatia, and September is a wonderful time of year to get a true taste of what it has to offer. 

Between late August to October annually, the grape season in Croatia occurs and vineyards across the country erupt with activity as that year’s crop is harvested.

So, what better time of year to sample the (literal!) fruits of Croatia’s labours than during September, right in the midst of the harvest season? There are vineyards spread across the country, but the Istria region has developed a reputation to be one of the most ancient wine-producing parts of Croatia. 

Istrian wine is considered to be an undiscovered gem, and so visiting this region will offer a really unique experience that wine lovers and connoisseurs alike will no doubt enjoy.

Sample the Foodie Scene

Croatia is known for its distinct cuisine and diverse food scene. Its geographical position means that it encompasses two regions of Europe – the seafood-loving Mediterranean and the central area of the continent. As such, its gastronomic palette is unlike anything else in Europe and it is sure to have your tastebuds tingling. 

For gastronomes looking to savour the rich flavours of Croatian cuisine, the region of Istria is one of the best places to go. Besides utilising the best ingredients from the sea, the region also grows plentiful crops within its lands that locals have been incorporating into traditional cuisine for centuries, including truffles and olive oil.

Traditional dishes can be found in plentiful supply in the Istrian region, from peke to fritule and gregada, you’ll find nothing short of unique and delectable during your visit to Croatia’s most foodie landscape.

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What To Wear For The Weather in Croatia in September

Given the weather in Croatia in September, visitors can happily wear clothes ideal for warmer conditions, such as shorts, skirts, and t-shirts or tops. But, compared to the summer season, September is milder and so visitors should pack something to cover up with, like a jacket or jumpers, for when conditions become cooler in the day and at night.

If you’re looking to take a dip in the sea at this time of year you should pack swimwear and anything you need for a beach day out.

Where To Stay When Visiting Croatia in September

Villa Krasna is a beautiful, bold 4-bedroom villa sleeping up to 8 guests in the Labin Area of Istria. Situated beside the east coast, the villa is in an ideal location for large groups of families or friends to gather and savour the peace and nature in Istria. 

Highlights of the property include the spacious garden, outdoor swimming pool, tennis court and putting green, which is fantastic to soak in the beautiful Croatian climate. The accommodation is also on a working farm, with fruits and vegetables that guests can take whenever they please. 

And located nearby Vodjan in the Istrian area of the country, Villa Sanela is a breathtaking contemporary space hosting up to 12 guests across 5 bedrooms. 

Ideal for extended family getaways and friends, the property features its own outdoor jacuzzi and swimming pool with ample decking space to sit out in the sunshine. Highlights indoors include the entertainment room, with a table football and billiards, and a fitness room with a sauna and gym, offering ample space to keep all members of your party entertained.

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September is a splendid time of year to visit Croatia to uncover the country’s exceptional gastronomic scene and indulge in its breathtaking climate. And straddling two seasons, September is the best of both worlds, offering a time of year that has ample things to do and see in Croatia to make the most of its two most beautiful seasons.

Looking for a September break in Croatia? Our team here at My Villa Breaks can’t wait to start planning your next trip to this European holiday hotspot with you, which is why you can contact us now to make these dreams a reality.

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