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Food and Drinks in Dalmatia

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Traditional Dalmatian Recipes

Dalmation cuisine is notable for its simplicity and naturalness with an abundance of fresh or cooked vegetables, local greens, homemade cheeses, olive oil, fresh and dried herbs and lots of fish and other seafood such as clams, squid, cuttlefish, octopus, lobster and shrimp. You will often find thin slices of air-dried prosciutto on the appetizer list, served with olives and cheese followed by a variety of meat dishes. Fish like sea bass, grouper, mackerel and sardines is prepared in a variety ways: boiled, fish soup, fish stew, risottos and more. Olives, pickled onions and capers are usually present at every meal, and Dalmation cakes are made with fresh or dried fruits, home-made honey and smooth cream with pieces of almonds and walnuts.

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Peka is an ancient technique of preparing dishes inside a bell-shaped cooking vessel. The technique is used to prepare meat, vegetables or seafood that is seasoned and cooked together with olive oil, other herbs and sometimes wine.

The dome-shaped lid is placed on top and the whole vessel is put in an outdoor fireplace and cooked slowly to keep all the flavours and aromas intact.


Brudet. a true classic of Croatian cuisine is prepared with a variety of seafood and this stew is eaten along the entire Dalmatian coast. Every region, town and household have their own version of the dish.

General guidelines say that 3 different types of fish should be used – cut into large chunks and left on the bone. Monkfish, Sea bass or any other white-fleshed fish is suitable. Shellfish such as mussels and scampi can be added to complement the flavour.

Dalmatinska pašticada

This traditional dish is made with beef, marinated in vinegar and spices for up to two days. It is then stewed in red wine or prošek with bacon, tomatoes, a few dried prunes or figs, and root vegetables.

After cooking, the sauce is puréed and then seasoned with a selection of spices. Traditionally, the dish is served at weddings with a side of gnocchi or homemade pasta and grated cheese on top.


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