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Zakynthos, Greece

Things to do in Zakynthos

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From the east coast, you can arrive at Navagio (the shipwreck) and admire the symbol of this island from above. If you move further to the west coast you can stop at Limnionas, the most beautiful place, full of tavernas where you can taste the authentic Greek food. Then to the south from there you […]

From the east coast, you can arrive at Navagio (the shipwreck) and admire the symbol of this island from above. If you move further to the west coast you can stop at Limnionas, the most beautiful place, full of tavernas where you can taste the authentic Greek food. Then to the south from there you have Kampi with stunning clifftop views and eventually Keri lighthouse with more dazzling views, especially at sunset.

If you are a diving fan you can do a little exciting exploration of the underwater magic of Zakynthos. You can see the rare fauna, the Caretta-Caretta turtles. Diving, snorkeling and canoeing is the most turtle friendly way to see a turtle, boats often injure and distress the animals.

For a history lesson, you can visit the Dionysios Solomos museum in Zakynthos Town, dedicated to the national poet of the Greeks, who wrote the nation’s national anthem.

If you need an adrenaline rush you can go to Navagio beach to jump with a parachute from the 200 meters rocks and cliffs.

High tides and good vibes

Zakynthos Island is adored by tourists especially because of the beautiful beaches that have preserved their natural beauty. Many of the beaches in the south of the island are also nesting places for the Caretta – Caretta turtles. To see them you can take boat trips, the most popular place to start is Laganas beach. The most famous beach on the island of Zakynthos is Navagio or the Golf of Contrabandists.

The natural environment of the island, with its massive rocks and its green fields, offers the opportunity to choose from several types of beaches: untouched beaches, fine sandy beaches, secluded beaches, beaches for practicing water sports and the list is endless. No matter how long you stay here, there will always be a new beach to explore. From mid-May until late October, swimming in the Ionian Sea of Zakynthos is a fantastic experience. You can enjoy swimming and sun while relaxing on a number of different beaches. The beautiful beaches of Zakynthos are renowned in Greece for their unaltered beauty and turquoise waters.

Laganas beach

If you want to relax for a day and enjoy the sun you need to get to this popular beach, located 9 km north of Zante. It lies around the bay where there are many sunbeds and umbrellas. Numerous water sports are available in this area and you can serve your meals at one of the taverns near the beach.

Kalamaki beach

Kalamaki beach is the perfect spot where you can enjoy sun with your entire family. Located about 6 km south of Zakynthos, in the prolongation of Laganas Bay, it is a favorite area for families with children due to the fine sand and water entry.

Tsilivi beach

The fine sandy beach is one of the main reason you should visit this place. One of the most popular resorts in Zakynthos located 6 km west of the capita, Tsilivi beach attracts many visitors during the summer season. Near the beach of Tsilivi is a small harbor full of traditional Greek fishing boats and small private boats.

Argassi beach

If you are in Zakynthos and you want to keep your tan, you should visit Argassi beach, is just 5 km from the island’s capital and is the most important beach resort on the island.

Alykes beach

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Fine and golden sandy beach with clear and turquoise waters, Alykey beach is located 18 km northwest of the island’s capital. There are numerous terraces and restaurants near the beach where you can enjoy a cocktail.

Agios Nikolaos – Volimes beach

Located near the harbor Agios Nikolaos, the small white gravel beach is ideal for swimming due to is deeper water. In Agios Nikolaos is the largest port in the north of the island, from where you can make optional excursions to Blue Caves and Navagio beach.

Keri beach

There are bars, cafes and taverns – all featuring quality soft drinks, fresh fish and traditional delicacies. You can take boat trips to Keri Caves or Marathonisi. It is also called Keri-Lake, after a lake, but it is dry for a long time. Here is a famous scuba diving school and snorkeling.

Banana beach

Famous for its fine sand and very clear water that shines under the sunshine, this place is definitely one of the island’s longest beaches, located 14 km from the island’s capital. It is organized very well, offering sunbeds and umbrellas that can be rented on request. It also offers parking spaces.

12 things not to be missed in Zakynthos

You will not be able to see all that Zakynthos has to offer in one trip, but we can suggest the best places to visit and experience.

  1. Discover the charm of Zakynthos, the capital of the island. Built in Mediterranean style with strong Venetian influences, the city of Zante is located on the eastern coast of the island, at the foot of the Bohali Hill. Having a population of about 30,000 residents, Zante is the largest city in Zakynthos and an important cultural, political and economic center.
  2. Look for the famous Caretta – Caretta turtles and remotely observe their habits. Turkeys can weigh up to 180 kg and lay their eggs in the sand that is said to be the finest in Greece.

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  3. Take a boat tour around the island to see the impressive coastline and breathtaking views.
  4. Don’t miss the unique sunset on the island of Keri.

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  5. Spend unforgettable nights in Laganas!
  6. Learn the Windsurfing art in the animated Alykes Resort.
  7. Try snorkeling or diving near the cost of the island and you will be surrounded by a rich variety of marine plants and animals, from tiny fish and aquatic snails to giant turtles and astounding crabs.
  8. Buy a bell, to feel like a true local and relax by walking the beads through your fingers.
  9. Have a Greek coffee beside a bougatsa, sweet pudding over which powder and cinnamon sprinkle.
  10. Another attraction of the island is the Navagio beach, accessible only by the sea. Besides the dreamy image offered by nature, it is the wreck of the Scottish ship Panagiotis, failed on the shore in 1980. No one knows exactly how this ship arrived on the beach, though the legends did not delay to appear. Built in Scotland in 1937, the ship changed its name several times over time, ending up to become Panagiotis, the famous ship of cigarette smugglers and Italian mobsters. Some voices say the ship failed during a track with the Greek coastguard ships, after which the crew disappeared without a trace. Another version of the story claims the ship was submerged near the coast by the same coastguard, the waves then thrown on the shore. The least romantic story, says that the Greek tourism minister of the 1980s ordered that the wreck be driven to this beach to attract as many tourists as possible.
  11. Do not miss a unique party on Cameo Island in Laganas.
  12. Visit the island of Kefalonia, the largest island on the Ionian Sea, and discover unique landscapes and wildlife of breathtaking beauty.

Things to to in Zante

Zante Town – is the capital of the island and the main city here. The city has a bohemian atmosphere, given by the rich vegetation, the neoclassical buildings and the beauty of the cliff, which is mainly the sunset, is the main promenade for tourists and locals. In the center of the city is the imposing church of St. Dionysius. In the city you can choose to visit: Byzantine Art Museum, Solomos Museum, Venetian Castle, also known as Kastro, Naval Museum.

Bochali Hill – here are the ruins of the Venetian fortress and here you can have a beautiful panorama over the city of Zante. The area is a real magnet for tourists where there are several chic terraces and restaurants.

Peninsula Vassilikos – is a particularly picturesque area, located in the southeastern part of Zakynthos. All the beaches are sandy and have clear and shallow water, ideal for children. Here you can also dive, because of the water’s clearness and the plenty of fish.

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Blue Caves – in the northern part of Zakynthos Island and to the east of Cape Skinari, Blue Caves are one of the most popular and advertised attractions of the island.  you can visit them with your own boat or with one of the many organized tours. The water is spectacular!

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Cap Skinari – at the northern end of the island, Cap Skinari offers breathtaking views of the calm waters of the sea. Here you can visit the famous blue caves, white cliffs and some ruins left after the great earthquake of 1953.

Cameo Island – Laganas – a trip to Cameo is a fantastic experience if you spend your holiday in Zakynthos. A miniature paradise, linked to Agios Sostis through a rustic wooden bridge, Cameo Island appears to be like a dream.

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Cameo is one of the most beautiful islands on the island of Zakynthos, being certainly the most scenic point of Laganas Bay. The island will charm you with its pine groves with paths and terraces surrounded by greenery, where you can admire the sea, and the island Marathonissi (Turtle Island) which is seen in the distance.

Solomos Museum – here are the tombs of Dionysios Solomos and Andreas Kalvos, as well as the historical and cultural relocations of the island.

Navagio Beach – This is where the Smugglers Wreck is located and the location is one of the most popular attractions on the island. The beach that the ship failed in 1982 is one of a great beauty, located in a spectacular landscape, and the wreck on the beach is one of the most photographed pictures in Greece. The beach can be reached by sea and pictures can be taken from a platform located 183 m above the beach.

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The island of Marathonisi – this island has the shape of a turtle and is located in the bay of Laganas. She has preserved his natural beauty over time because of the fact that she was not inhabited. There are 2 beaches on the island: one with fine sand where you can meet, with some luck, a Caretta- Caretta turtle, and a smaller gravel where you can find some interesting caves.

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The Byzantine Museum – Opened to the public in 1960, the museum was built after the 1953 earthquake and organized according to the plans of academician Manolis Hadzakis. The museum is located in Solomon Square and houses an impressive collection of icons, as well as numerous paintings of religious themes dating back to the post-Byzantine period. Also in the museum is a model of Zakynthos, as it appears in the mid-twentieth century, performed by artist Yanni Manesi between 1972-1986.

Dionysos Solomos Museum – Reconstructed in 1957, the museum that bears the name of Greece’s national poet, is, in fact, a true museum of literature in Zakynthos. Here are buried the poets Dionysos Solomos and Andreas Kalvos, whose manuscripts are kept in one of the rooms. The museum also houses a number of personal and manuscript objects of other important figures of the Zakynthos culture.

Zakynthos Nightlife

When it comes to fun, surely Zakynthos is the most suitable choice. From water sports to parties and international music, tourists have many options for entertainment. In any part of the island you can enjoy surfing, water skiing or parasailing, and fishing lovers can choose one of Skinari, Alykes or Marathonissi resorts. For those who are looking for fun we recommend Laganas with the most intense nightlife. Here you can find a wide range of clubs and discos with parties that keep up to the sunrise.


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