Besides its astonishing views, quaint villages and amazing historical artifacts, Kefalonia offer an authentic Greek experience for any tourist. Immerse yourself in the Mediterranean gastronomy and let’s see a quick list of the best places where you can savor the local specialties along with a glass of red wine.

Welcome to Tassia, a traditional family restaurant since 1972 located in Fiscardo village. All of the dishes are home cooked using the finest fresh ingredients such as olive oil, meat, fish, eggs, and cheese which are purchased from local producers and most of the vegetables come from their own garden. Try the traditional Kefalonian meat pie with veal, beef, rice, and homemade pastry. It’s so tasty! Also, don’t miss the Farmer’s pasta with zucchini, peppers, fresh mushrooms, dried tomatoes and fresh cream. Here, you’ll delight your senses in a spectacular atmosphere… everything is so cozy!

Sit on a table, take a deep breath and start dreaming… Situated in a beautiful spot with amazing views, Captain Nikolas Taverna is one of the finest locations where every dish is cooked very carefully with attention to every detail. The oil which is used for cooking and for the salads is exceptionally their virgin olive oil of their own production. During your stay, you can also visit their farm which is behind the tavern, a property with olive trees. Try the Greek moussaka which is more than delicious.

For a magnificent sunset dinner, don’t miss Il Borgo restaurant! Excellent food, excellent services, and great value for money as well. In a lovely relaxed atmosphere, watch the sunset with your loved ones and try the local white robola named Sarris. Also, the local specialties will make your mouth water. Definitely worth a visit!

Andromeda Restaurant not only offers high quality made food with fresh meat and vegetables, but also the most beautiful landscape for organizing your special wedding day in Kefalonia. Many of UK couples choose to do their wedding ceremony in Kefalonia under a gorgeous pergola with breathtaking views as well. Kostas, the chef, that spends 5 years in the UK, brought his own unique technique for cooking one of the best traditional Greek food recipes. The greek nights on Thursday are a must!




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