Corsica, the harmonious blend of mountain and sea

 Explore the heart of the Corsican island! Discover this Mediterranean island with a rich culture from North to South, try the traditional food and explore the nature. Canyons, rocks, clubs and cocktails – Corsica has it all.

Corsica Island is a unique territory, an area that does not resemble any place in this world. A harmonious blend of mountain and sea, between Italy and France, this is a magic place for those who want to explore nature and who want a more authentic holiday.

A miniature continent

With a distance of 200 kilometers from the French Riviera, Corsica is situated almost in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

Monuments, landscapes and beautiful beaches make this heritage France vacation island an ideal destination for hiking lovers. The Corsica vacation Natural Regional Park covers two thirds of the surface of this beautiful preserved heritage France travel region, which also have the GR 20, the largest trekking route in Europe.

A Land of Culture

The vibrant tradition from Genovese rule and after from France influence, Corsica is the home of Napoleon Bonaparte with The Bonaparte House National Museum and the Museum di a Corsica. If, in Bastia, you will be impressed by the largest church, Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church in Corsica, the Romanesque charm of the Church of Murato will surprise you with its originality. You do not have to miss the exceptional beauty of the villages of Sant’Antonino and Piana, or the Lavezzi islands that will take your breath away.

Best time to visit Corsica

Corsica is, of course, a destination for the summer holiday and why not, for the winter. Locals say the best time to visit Corsica is early September, not too hot nor too cold, not too much, hot water, moderate prices, all the same, just as it should be. May-June also seemed an exciting time. The water is a bit cold, but the blooming maquis makes you forget about everything.

As for the middle of summer, let us not forget that the island of Corsica is in the Mediterranean climate, with hot and dry summers, so for July, for example, I do not think it’s a good month unless you have a choice or you want to get yourself you literally melt in the sun. Yet, due to the mountains that involve altitude differences, at over 1500 m the climate is really alpine, so if you do not get fools off the seaside weather and throw a thicker coat in your backpack.

Explore Corsica in an Original and Fun Way

Hop on board the Corsican train which links Ajaccio with Calvi, via Bastia. It will take you as far as the citadel in Calvi, which really comes alive during the popular Calvi Jazz Festival and the Festival of Polyphonic Singing. In autumn, the Festival of the Wind blows a breath of fresh air through the town. Catch some spectacular yacht races across the Mediterranean during the Imperial Regattas. In Ajaccio and Sartène, the Carnival of Corsica ensures a festive and friendly atmosphere. An island of pretty Corsica resorts, mountains and marvels, this France travel tourism destination is an enchanting place, whatever the season. Have a fun-filled Corsica vacation!


The Imperial City, Coral Town, Napoleon’s birthplace and inspiration for Matisse – the capital of Ajaccio, is a necessary stop during your Corsica holidays. When visiting the city center, go to the Chrysolite Workshop, one of the last places where coral jewelry is made (now most of it comes from Italy). The Fesch Museum will enjoy art lovers with works by Botticelli, Titian and Veronese.


Bastia, the most successful commercial town of Corsica have an industrial zone that is spreading onto the lowlands to the south, leaving the center of town with plenty of aged charm. Terra Vechhia or the old quarter comprises a tightly packed network of haphazard streets, flamboyant Baroque churches and lofty tenements, their crumbling golden-grey walls set against a backdrop of maquis-covered hills.

Lavezzi Islands

With isolated beaches and pure blue water – the Lavezzi islands are a paradise. Within 30 minutes with the boat of Bonifacio, this island is a nature reserve without having a store nearby. Come here for a picnic, take your sunscreen with you and plenty of water to get you all day, because you’ll be lounging on the cliffs between snorkeling sessions.

Bonifacio – Porto Vecchio

The southern Corsica-Bonifacio-Porto Vecchio is a very varied area, the high cliffs contrasting with the fine sandy beach of turquoise waters. The most important tourist attractions are: the city of Bonifacio, the Baltic Sea shopping houses, the Lavezzi Islands, Palombaggia beaches, Santa Giulia, Rondinara, Porto Vecchio, Fautea and Tarcu bays. More to the south of the Alta Roca region, a very picturesque region is for mountain and hiking lovers, the Bavella massif being one of the most famous and climbing in the area.

The Bay of Valinco and the Sartène region

Wonderful beaches and bays like Belvedere-Campomoro, Olmeto or Rocapina, considered one of the most beautiful beaches (Campomoro-Senetosa), traditional towns (Propriano and Sartène), but also places of history such as churches and Roman chapels, prehistoric vestiges (Filitosa), towers and bridges from the Genoese occupation period, etc.

Corte, Asco, Niolo and the island’s interior is an area primarily intended for mountain and hiking lovers, but also for spectacular landscapes. From Corte, the secret capital of Corsica, the picturesque valley of Restonica, one of the most wandering on the island, with the Mello and Capitello glacial lakes, the Tavignano valley, a bit savage, Manganello and Vizzavona, wooded and very colorful. In the neighborhood, the Niolo Valley, is a bit broader and less steep, but quite offerable in beautiful landscapes.

Touristic sights and activities to try

  • Ajaccio, the capital of Corsica and the place where Napoleon was born;
  • Bastia, the second city in Corsica;
  • Bonifacio, the city that balances the cliffs above the sea, a grandiose landscape;
  • Clavi, where Colomb, the famous explorer, was born, and Ille Rousse, with his ruby rocks, where we have not yet arrived but I have in mind;
  • Propriano and Sartène, through which we have just passed;
  • Corte, the secret capital of Corsica, well hidden in the heart of the island;
  • Porto-Vecchio, surrounded by its paradise beaches, is targeting the next holiday on the island.

The most beautiful day trips

  • Tour of the Cap-Corse peninsula, with its fishing villages and Genoese towers;
  • Castagniccia and Casinca, two regions with a tumultuous past, located south of Bastia, with secret villages hanging out of the mountains, chestnut forests and historic sites;
  • Alta Roca, which dominates the splendid beaches between PortoVecchio and Bonifaco, the forests of which hide the most interesting prehistoric vestiges on the island, along with Genovese bridges and thermal springs;
  • The Scandola Nature Reserve, accessible only at sea, which attracts through its terrestrial landscape, with rocks coming out of the sea but also through marine biodiversity, is a paradise for diving amateurs;
  • Porto Gulf, ranked by UNESCO on the world heritage list, with the village of Piana and Calanches de Piana, a fabulous mineral universe with cliffs falling into the sea, one of the most beautiful landscapes the island offers;
  • Lake Tolla and the Gorges du Prunelli, an exciting excursion to Ajaccio;
  • Costa Verde, on the eastern coast, where the sea and the mountain complement each other in perfect harmony;
  • Pointe Parata and the Sanguinaires Islands, accessible from Ajaccio by public transport. On the way you can admire the stunning beaches of Saint Francois, Trottel, Ariadne;
  • Santa Rehabilitated by Balagna, with a remarkable religious and rural architectural heritage, captured by the mountains of the Balagne region;
  • U Trinighellu, the Corsican trainer linking Ajaccio, Bastia and Calvi, a real show, with halls in the most remote stations on the island;
  • Fango Valley, Biosphere Reserve with cool forests, clear waters and Genoese Pouks;
  • Bonifacio and Sentier des falaises to Cap Petrusato, a walk for everyone, climbers or ordinary people, to admire the unique view of Bonifacio, suspended above the sea;
  • Foret D’Aitone, the pine forest where the most beautiful natural pools on the island are hidden, some clear water on Spelunca River, good boulders;

Corsican Cuisine

Cuisine Full of Character

he Corsica resorts vacation region has its own, very individual, cuisine.

Corsicans take their food and drink very seriously and it is quite common for locals to take a leisurely three-course lunch accompanied by a few glasses of Corsican wine. This also means that standards in restaurants are generally high. The earthy style cooking takes its inspiration from the land, with sun-loving fruits and vegetables, cured meats and cheeses. As for the wine, well, you won’t be disappointed.

Corsican Wine & Beers

Corsica produces several very good wines, which are hardly known outside the island. The producers are scattered and tend to be highly individual – Corsican, in other words. The grape harvest is still often cut by hand, and visiting a vineyard for an afternoon is a pleasant expedition.

James Boswell was an aficionado, writing in his Tour of Corsica published in 1782: “The flavors of wines differ all over the island. It is a true marvel that such a slight difference in soil and exposure generates such considerable diversity.” Some wines are made with traditional Corsican varieties of grape, such as the delicious white Vermentino, Nielluccio, the basis of the esteemed Patrimonio red, and several excellent rosé wines. As a quick guide, wines from Patrimonio, Ajaccio and from near Sartène are outstanding, and the Domaine Vico wines are notable.

Where to dine

La Vallicella

Absolutely delightful setting right on the beach. The menu is quite, varied, pretty expensive in comparison to the rest of the area but the quality of food is remarkably high. Had a great meal with the family, well looked after by attentive staff. A must visit if you are in the area.

Le Piano Chez Toinou

Comfortable friendly atmosphere, staff is very friendly and the food is delicious. Menu decorated with delightful philosophy food for thought. Dishes of the highest quality and the wine is served chilled. Is a nice and charming place, not to be missed if you go to Corsica.

Casa Pasta

Here you can find amazing burgers with real crispy bread buns only made for them, super tasty and filling. Great welcoming atmosphere. Everything is fresh and homemade. Good in taste, if you are in the area, you should give it a try.


Great service, inventive dishes in a charming setting in historic village. Infused cuisine with creativity and tradition. Not to be missed if visiting Nonza, Corsica.

Terra Cotta

The menu is small but varied enough for most with a mix of quality fish and meat dishes. The deserts are clever and tasty and coupled with a great wine list can make a great evening out.

Where to stay in Corsica


Located between Calvi and Ile Rousse in a pittoresque Corsican village overlooking the bay of Calvi, La Casa di Lume is an independent villa with pool for 8 people offering panoramic sea views. The area offers many attractions between seaside and mountains with La Punta di Spanu (Natural protected site), Calvi and Ile Rousse close by.


Located between Ajaccio and the Iles Sanguinaires, La Baia is an independent villa with private pool for 12 people with sea views. The location is perfect if you wish to enjoy the beaches, water sport activities and be close to main city (Ajaccio) and discover new areas (Iles Sanguinaires).


Located in Haute-Corse between Calvi and Ile Rousse, La Jetée is set on the heights of Pointe de Spano, a rocky area, and offers a panoramic view on the bay of Calvi and the Corsican maquis. La Jetée provides private pool and accommodation for 10 people. From Lumio or Calvi you can enjoy day trips such as a boat ride to Scandola (Natural reserve), Forest of Bonifato and the desert of the Agriates.


Located on a residential estate facing the golf of Valinco and one of five private villas with own pool, La Modeste 2 will offer you a safe holiday haven within walking distance to the beach. On the south western coast of Corsica halfway between the major towns of Ajaccio and Bonifacio, Propriano offers many different activities. The medieval city of Sartene nearby is another place of interest for many tourists.


Within close distance from the town center of the seaside resort of Ile Rousse, U Paradisu will create a relaxing holiday combining water sports activities with the Corsican Maquis. The air conditioned Villa is set a stone away from the rocky beach and will provide accommodation and swimming pool for 6 people.


Top Villas in Corsica Villas