Visit Dordogne and you will find the perfect mix of History, Outdoor Activities, Beautiful Lakes, quaint food markets, some of them are even open in the evening, so you can visit them when it is a little cooler.
If you are interested in Caverns and Caves, you can visit prehistoric cave paintings while on an electric train. Many castles are dotted around and families can enjoy swimming in the numerous Lakes, with sandy beaches.
There are also lots of activities to entertain children from the sweet little zoo in Calviac to the Jardin d’Eau in Sarlat with flowers, lily pads, frogs, and carps.

The climate in the Summer months is warm usually up to 25/26c and you will be sharing the popular attractions with lots of tourists, but even in winter, the popular towns like Searle are busy and alive.

France is known for its food, and the Dordogne region (also called by its historic name, Périgord) is acknowledged as one of the most important food regions of France. Not to be missed: Duck Duck Goose and Périgord wines.
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