Situated between Lefkada on the north and Zakynthos on the south, Kefalonia is the largest island of the Ionian Sea. Famous for its gorgeous beaches like Lourdas, Myrtos, Antisamos, Skala and picturesque villages, this island is the perfect destination if you are looking for a romantic escape or a true adventure with your lovely family. Holidays in Kefalonia will give you unforgettable memories of the beach and enjoyable walks in nature.

In steps of history, is interesting to know that during World War II, Kefalonia was under Italian and German domination. The capitulation of Italy leads to the massacre of 5 000 Italian soldiers. This event inspired the writer Louis de Bernieres to write its famous book, entitled “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” which became later a movie. Our beautiful island constituted the main setting for this Hollywoodian film.

Besides its ancient origins, Kefalonia has preserved her own treasure and every single day that you’ll spend here will have something new to reveal. Get lost on the white cobblestoned alleyways, take a picture of the windmills, enjoy the lush vegetation or let the sparkling azure water sets you free. Here, your dream holiday is made of sand, sun, and sea…

Let’s make a wish upon a starfish and disclose more about the main attractions of the island, how do you get here, the best time to visit Kefalonia, events, hidden gems, where you can taste the local delicacies and where you can relax over the night. We’re bringing good vibes with every single row!

First, how to reach Kefalonia? Don’t worry, during the summer, Kefalonia island is directly connected with many European cities by daily charter flights. There are also internal flights from Kefalonia to Zakynthos and Lefkada with the Sky Express. Summer season starts from May with hot days and fresh evenings and it ends in October, but you can go swimming without any problems. At sunset, get yourself a sweater over and enjoy the mild breeze. In July and August, it’s very hot and overcrowded… a cold mint lemonade will give you a sense of refreshment, so you can continue exploring the exotic island.




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