Rich in beautiful landscapes, coastline, history and culture, Puglia is now one of the most popular destinations for holiday rentals.

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Puglia – Leisure, recreation & magic

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The region Apulia (Puglia in Italian) forms the spur and heel of Italy. Luxury self-catering villas with pool and apartments near the sea are spread along the region, offering plenty of choice to take a break from the everyday life and to explore the area.

Apulia is a land of pristine nature. It boasts vast and diverse natural landscapes, starting with the National Park of the Gargano and the Murge, the marine reserves of the Tremiti Islands and Torre Guaceto. The countryside is dominated by gentle, fertile land where tasty vegetables, grapes and olives are grown.

Apulia is a land of history and art. Many towns and villages are the expression of Romanesque, Renaissance and Baroque eras and they are not short in museums, historical buildings, archaeological parks, and castles. The most famous among them is the Castel del Monte, the 13th-century castle constructed by the Emperor Frederick II and declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Apulia is a land of devotion and old traditions. From cathedrals and sanctuaries to patron Saints with feasts and festivals, Apulia will not lack to enchant you with suggestive traditions and local customs kept alive with pride. The patron saint’s feast is celebrated in each town with processions, illuminations, fireworks and air balloons. Devotion brings pilgrims to Monte San Michele, along the ancient Via Sacra Langobardorum, or to San Giovanni Rotondo, Padre Pio’s hometown.

If you’re asking yourself WHEN to visit Puglia, you have to know it has a Mediterranean climate. That translates to hot-very hot summers, but also rather mild winters. May – September are considered all summer days, with about 300 days of sun throughout the year. Most popular times? That would be July and August – music concerts, food festivals are everywhere – in historic town and even around beach villages.

October-April means it’s off-season, the days get rainy, but there are still activities like biking or various fall harvest festivals to go to. But don’t think about swimming in these months, the water is too cold.




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