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With a lot of wonders, with breathtaking views over the emerald sea and beaches with snow-white sand … this is Sardinia, a very interesting island with natural colors, that mixes tradition with the pure and wild nature.

Well known as a paradise, Sardinia has a long tradition of being fiercely independent and separate with its own customs, speech and history. The variety of its coastline and the rugged beauty of its interior caters rather for the discerning traveler who is looking for an Italian holiday with a difference that still contains those essential Italian ingredients of beautiful seas and mesmerizing sceneries, exquisite wine and food and a wonderful Mediterranean climate.

Imagine yourself admiring the picturesque paths of the city, filled with traditional scents and with the ancient flavors of the Sardinian cuisine. The historic areas of Castello and Marina, two of the most popular historical districts in Cagliari are the perfect places to find typical objects such as exclusive ceramics, silver and gold jewelry, carpets and many other unique pieces of art and craft.

Every corner of this beautiful island has something exclusive to offer to each traveler. Here are the major attractions that you must take into consideration, once you step on the Sardinian land.

Getting to Sardinia

Car ferries connect Sardinia to mainland Italy, 193 kilometers away, and less frequently to Mediterranean ports in both France and Spain. Ferries leave from Savona (on the western Italian Riviera), Genoa, Livorno (near Pisa), and Civitavecchia (Rome), arriving at the Sardinian ports of Cagliari (the capital in the southern part of the island), Arbatax (on the east coast), Olbia (Costa Smeralda), and Porto Torres (north coast). Lines serving Sardinia are Tirrenia, Grandi Navi Veloci, Moby Lines, Corsica/Sardinia Ferries, and Grimaldi Lines. Regular flights connect Cagliari International Airport to Rome and other cities, and smaller airports for domestic and other flights are at Olbia and Alghero.

Best time to visit Sardinia

In Sardinia, the climate is Mediterranean and with mild winters and warm and sunny summers, a bit sultry but tempered by sea breezes. In the plains and on the coast, the average temperature of January and February is about 10 °C (50 °F), while that of July and August is about 25 °C (77 °F). The rains are not abundant.

For beach life, the best time to visit Sardinia is summer, from June to August. For swimming, the best time is from July to September, although in September, which in any case is still a good month, you begin to see the first periods of bad weather. In June, the sea is still a bit cool, while in May it’s a little cooler, and sometimes even the air can be a little cold for sunbathing but perfect for long invigorating walks and bird watching.

April and May are suitable for hiking and visiting cities, while in summer it can sometimes be too hot. In October, the temperatures are mild or pleasantly warm, but the days are shorter and the weather can be a little more changeable.




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