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Weather in Croatia in November

The Weather in Croatia in February

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In this article, we have highlighted the best bits of the weather in Croatia in February, so you can make the most out of your tourist-free vacation.

Croatia’s natural beauty knows no bounds and certainly isn’t confined to the seasons. Travellers may be under the misconception that Croatia in February is best left undiscovered, but this certainly isn’t the case. There are so many spectacular sights, cultural events and activities to immerse yourself in that showcase the best Croatia has to offer. 

Despite February straddling the colder seasons of winter and spring, you will be pleasantly surprised by the climate. The Mediterranean winters are fairly mild as it is, but especially towards the end of the month, February starts to see longer days and more frequent bursts of spring making it a perfect month for exploring. 

When you book a trip to Croatia in February, you’re also buying an all-access pass to unhindered views of the Adriatic and crowd-free towns along the popular Dalmatian Coast and Istrian Peninsula. In this article, we have highlighted the best bits of Croatia so you can make the most out of the weather and your tourist-free vacation.

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The Temperature in Croatia in February 

Fresh and mild characterise the climate in February. It is the second coldest month of the year, with average temperatures ranging between 1°C-9°C. However, by the Mediterranean standards, it doesn’t feel as cold as what you may imagine. 

Depending on which area in Croatia you visit, you will find a noticeable difference in temperatures. Croatia’s capital sees temperatures dip to as low as -1.8°C, with average highs of 7°C. Coastal destinations of Dubrovnik and Split are warmer in comparison, with highs of 10°C and lows of 5°C.

Unless you’re wanting to take up cold water swimming, the Adriatic unfortunately won’t be inviting you in for a dip. Sea temperatures are at a brisk 14°C: you’d certainly be needing to pack your thermals if you wanted to brave the waters!

The Weather Conditions in Croatia in February 

Croatia in February is the last month that you can expect to find snow-covered mountains. Being on the cusp of spring, snowfall generally slows down by February with light showers sprinkling inland, if any. 

You can expect to see an average of 86 mm of rainfall throughout the month, which equates to roughly 13 days of rain. Coastal destinations experience the biggest portion of February's rain over anywhere else. 

Overall, the weather does feel cold and fresh, although it maintains typical mild temperatures throughout the whole month with no extreme weather changes. Signs of spring come to life towards the end of the month and days get longer with 10 hours of daylight to fit in more activities on your vacation.

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The Best Ways to Enjoy the Weather in Croatia in February

Celebrate at the Rijeka Carnival 

The Rijeka Carnival is an annual carnival celebration in the city of Rijeka. Traced back originally to the 15th century, this carnival established its own unique identity in 1982 and has since become a hugely celebrated festival attracting people from all over the world. Its popularity has soared so much that it has been voted as one of the 500 most important events worldwide.  

Located in the northern region of Croatia, Rijeka isn’t too far from the bustling capital, so it’s definitely worth the day-trip if you’re staying in Zagreb. The festival runs all month long, beginning in January. 

You can expect lots of beloved traditions and various celebrations until the most famed event – the International Carnival Parade – which generally takes place along the Korzo promenade in Rijeka on the last Sunday before Ash Wednesday in February.

A sea of colour gushes through the streets with hundreds of spectacular floats and thousands of exotic masks as the parade moves through Rijeka. The energy from the countless visitors breathes life into the last days of winter, creating a cheerful, vibrant carnival spirit which will envelope you like a warm embrace. It’s hard not to thrive in this joyous environment. 

Ski on the Snowy Mountains 

If you have a need for speed, you could take a day trip to the white-tipped peaks of Croatia. Feel the wind in your hair and the speed in your skis as you glide down the mountain in an exciting day of snow-sport fun.

If you’re staying in Zagreb, the Sljeme peak on Mount Medvednica sits just above the capital and is a very popular destination for snow-sports. Additionally, the mountains in Platak, 30 km north east of Rijeka, also offer fabulous slopes (with a sea-view) for you to get your adrenaline pumping. 

Most ski resorts in Croatia have a variety of runs available for differing abilities. They also offer the chance to take part in other snow-sport activities, such as snowboarding and tobogganing, for those who want to try their hand at something new, or have a day of family fun.

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What To Wear For The Weather in Croatia in February

If you visit Croatia in February without the appropriate wardrobe, you may find the chill in the air embracing you a little more than you’d like. You want to pack lots of layers in case the weather takes a turn; trousers, lots of tops and jumpers, waterproofs and a scarf to wrap up depending on the day. 

Comfort is key when you’re exploring. Whether it’s hiking along one of the trails at the national parks, or sightseeing through the town of Dubrovnik, you want to be able to make the most of your tourist-free visit. Considering this, a good addition would be some hiking boots for when you’ve planned a day on your feet.

Where To Stay When Visiting Croatia in February

When visiting Croatia in February, you want the location to be as practical as it is beautiful. When it’s not the perfect climate to be lying back and soaking up the sun's rays with a cocktail in hand, your location is super important in experiencing the best of Croatia in February. 

Villa Spomenka is a beautiful modern villa on the south coast of Hvar, dressed with shades of blue throughout the interior. It gives you that summer vacation feeling even when the sun doesn’t come out to match. Sitting on the doorstep of the beautiful Hvar Town, you are only a walk away from a tree-lined promenade protected by 13th century walls, 2 fortresses, beautiful beaches and plenty of restaurants and museums for you to explore.

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Although it’s not the most popular time of year to visit, Croatia in February is a hugely underrated month. It has an abundance of cultural events and fun activities available for you to experience, in an almost exclusive environment with the lack of tourists. Croatia’s beauty can unmistakably be seen and enjoyed throughout the whole year.

Does Croatia in February sound like your ideal vacation? Here at My Villa Breaks, our team can help bring your ideas to life. Contact us today to see how your winter excursion can be made into a reality!

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