Where to eat – Count the memories, not the calories

When it comes to French fine-dining in Toulouse, the word “customer” does not apply. Every restaurant will delight your senses with local specialties: an excellent selection of cheese, charcuterie, and fine wine. If you are looking for an intimate environment, we’ll recommend you the Michel Sarran restaurant which is situated right beside the main campus of the University of Toulouse. You have to know that Michel Sarran has been awarded two Michelin stars for this restaurant and also was part of the Masterchef jury in 2014. So, there’s no doubt that here you’ll have an authentic and magnificent French food experience.

Right in the center of Toulouse, you can taste the famous foie gras and sip a glass of red wine for a true pleasure. We’re talking about the Le Genty Magre restaurant which are offering fresh and spontaneously prepared dishes along with a warm and cozy atmosphere. With prices between 9-30 Euros, you can savor a homemade rabbit terrine with cognac and beets salad. If you’re craving for something sweet, try the peach gazpacho with hibiscus caramel and steam white eggs. It’s absolutely gorgeous!



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