Toulouse, Biarritz and the South West

Wondering where to go in France? The South West coast of France is a popular destination with charming places and important tourist attractions. Toulouse and Biarritz are among the most enchanting spots in this area along with their fascinating history and rich culinary culture. Time to explore these amazing regions. First, we’ll start with Toulouse – the “Pink City”!

Bring the flavor of France to your special holiday!

Toulouse – Your perfect gateway through rose-colored glasses

        Ideally located in Southern France between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, Toulouse has his own beauty and signature when it comes to “la vie en rose”. If you don’t know yet, this gorgeous city earned the nickname “La Ville Rose” due to his blushing brick churches and ochre rooftops. Also, Toulouse is full of students and scientists because it has one of the largest universities outside Paris. Besides being an excellent place to chill out, Toulouse has two Unesco heritage sites, the Canal du Midi and the Basilica of St. Sernin, the biggest Romanesque building in Europe.

Let’s bring the specific rose-tinted sheen to this article and begin to disclose more about “The Pink City”. How curious are you?

First, how do you get here? Regular scheduled domestic and international flights arrive at Toulouse–Blagnac Airport, about 20 minutes from the city. It serves connections from Paris about every 30 minutes. There are many other flights as well, for example to London, Munich, and Frankfurt.

To get to the city from the airport, you can use the airport shuttle for €5.50 which takes about 30 minutes. Another option is to use the tramway line T2 which connects the airport to the inner city for €1.60. Going by taxi is also another option, and it will cost about €20.

In terms of weather, the best time to visit Toulouse is during spring and summer. It is extremely pleasant because the city comes alive at this time and you can get lost in a new location enjoying the sights and smells which are wonderful.

Top sights in Toulouse – You can make memories wherever you go

If you want to discover Space and the wonders of the Universe, you must visit the Cité de l’Espace, a fantastic space museum where you can train yourself like an astronaut, make it rain and shine or admire treasures from space. Over 250 exhibition pieces, most of them interactive will take into the magic of stars for a unique experience.

Another magnificent sight of Toulouse is the Saint-Sernin Basilica, a masterpiece of Romanesque art which is built from golden and rose-hued stonework up to the tip of the octogonal bell tower. The treasure trove of the basilica is located in the ambulatory and in the crypts of the building.

We walk in the steps of history and discover another elegant ecclesiastical structure – Couvent des Jacobins. First admire the Église des Jacobins‘ ornate stained-glass windows before wandering through the Cloitre des Jacobins, in which graceful russet-brick columns surround a green courtyard.

For sipping a coffee or enjoying an early aperitif, we recommend you to visit the Place du Capitole, one of the central squares in the city of Toulouse. Here, you’ll figure it out why Toulouse is named “La Ville Rose”. Constructed with red bricks, the buildings bask in a beautiful red glow at sunrise. The east side of the square is dominated by the impressive city hall, known as “The Capitol” which is one of the buildings worth visiting in Toulouse.

Along with his iconic monuments, charming houses and renowned churches, you can take a tour through Toulouse’s history of aerospace and discover why the Pink City has become the world’s capital of innovation in terms of aeronautics and space.

Also, for only €18, you can enjoy an exciting city tour in an open-topped minibus which will reveal to you the most famous attractions and historic monuments of Toulouse in 8 languages.

Toulouse is a dreamy place full of famous attractions and endless opportunities, so don’t waste your chance to immerse yourself in the heart of the Middle Ages.


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