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Weather in Croatia in April

The Weather in Croatia in April

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Croatia’s vantage point on the southeast of Europe, with its Dalmatia coastline stretching along the Adriatic Sea, makes it an exceptional location to indulge in the blissful heat and beautiful weather that regions and countries in the Mediterranean are best known for.  And no matter the time of year, visitors to Croatia’s coast, and the […]

Croatia’s vantage point on the southeast of Europe, with its Dalmatia coastline stretching along the Adriatic Sea, makes it an exceptional location to indulge in the blissful heat and beautiful weather that regions and countries in the Mediterranean are best known for. 

And no matter the time of year, visitors to Croatia’s coast, and the country’s inland destinations, can savour this whilst enjoying the wealth of breathtaking sights, beautiful scenery, and amazing outdoor activities that the country has developed a reputation for.

Whilst each month has its advantages for tourists flocking to enjoy Croatia’s best attractions, going to Croatia in April is a fantastic time for visitors to indulge in a range of the country’s offerings, and this is largely thanks to the weather. 

Croatia weather in April offers the optimum conditions to see a side of Croatia that you wouldn’t normally get to see, and in this article, we’ve broken this down to reveal exactly what you can expect if you are to visit the country at this time of year. This includes the temperatures, and what kind of weather to anticipate, which we have paired alongside some of our expert suggestions of what to do during your trip.

Regardless of whether you’ve visited Croatia before, or you’re familiar with the concept of visiting a country during the lesser-visited month of April, you can expect to get the best insider insight and tips from us here at My Villa Breaks to find out exactly what you can expect during, and why you shouldn't miss, a visit to Croatia in April.

The Temperature in Croatia in April

So, what is the weather in Croatia in April like? Well, Croatia average temperatures in April sit at around 13°C, with daily temperatures fluctuating between lows of 11°C and highs of 17°C on some days. 

The temperature in Croatia in April also varies based on the destinations that you visit in the country. For example, along the Croatian coastline, you will likely find that the frequent coastal winds (which include the Maestral, Bura, and Jugo winds) will bring the temperature down in these coastal areas compared to inland locations. Some of the most popular Croatia destinations are located along the Dalmatia coast, including the likes of Zadar, Split, and Dubrovnik, and these remain popular amongst tourists year-round, so don’t let this put you off. 

In April, the Croatia sea temperature fluctuates between 13.9°C and 16.1°C, which we would consider to be too cold to take a dip in for the average traveller. Meaning that if you’re in search of a sun, sea, and sand kind of holiday, you should probably knock April off your list of months to consider travelling to Croatia during.

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Weather Conditions in Croatia in April

The Croatia climate in April, whilst being mild, is pleasant. When it comes to rainfall, the month sees a 53% chance of perfectly sunny weather during any day of the month, meaning that there’s a 47% chance of days that see scattered showers and heavy rainfall. 

Overall, an average of 22mm of rainfall occurs across the month, with an average of 13 to 14 sunshine hours also.

And, whilst April isn’t the most common month in which snow can occur, it is still possible that you’ll encounter snow whilst visiting Croatia in April. So this is something to be aware of when booking (and packing!) for your trip. 

Generally, weather conditions are a lot less consistent during the month of April than when compared to Croatia in winter or summer. We advise, therefore, that you are conscious that you may need to be flexible with your plans to accommodate this changeable weather. 

What Are The Best Things To Do In Light of The Weather in Croatia in April

With the climate in Croatia in April being much milder, and therefore less busy, than at other times of the year, visitors can fail to consider some of the best options for things to do during this month that make the most of these conditions.

April can hold a world of adventure when compared to other months in Croatia. For example, April is at the end of Croatia’s low season, meaning that there are much fewer tourists because of the cooler and changeable weather. This means tourists have a unique opportunity to explore the country’s settlements and sights free of them being packed full of other visitors. 

Equally, because fewer people travel to the country at this time of year, this means that flight and accommodation prices are often considerably lower, offering travellers a great bargain to enjoy the same beautiful sights and scenery in Croatia for less during April. 

We’ve highlighted some of the best things to do when considering the weather in Croatia in April if you’re thinking of travelling here for a holiday at this time of year:

Visit A Museum

Whilst Croatia has developed a reputation for many things, including its medieval towns and stunning national parks to name but a few, the country has equally become well-known for its diverse and unique museums. 

During a visit to Croatia in April, when the weather isn’t as cheery as it is in the height of summer, visitors can savour the country’s fantastic museums without having to miss out on crucial hours of blissful sunshine. We’ve listed some of our favourites to give you some inspiration below:

Museum of Broken Relationships

Situated in the thriving capital of Zagreb, the Museum of Broken Relationships was a globally crowd-sourced project that is known to be where the ‘memories of broken hearts live’. 

The museum began as an art exhibition in 2016 before being turned into a book in 2017, with the co-founders being mid-break up at the time that they came up with the ingenious idea. The museum showcases items from the couples’ homes that witnessed the slow demise of their relationship. Now, the museum is home to hundreds of items from across the globe representing relationships that are no more.

Croatian Museum of Naïve Art

Also located in Zagreb, the Croatian Museum of Naïve art showcases the fine-art work of naïve artists in the 20th century. In total, the museum is home to nearly 2000 pieces of art, from prints to drawings and paintings from across the world. 

You may be asking yourself, what is naïve art? By definition, it is a distinct area of art that represents the primitive stages, or phases, of art and artists, who often evolve later into accomplished and professional masterpieces. The museum showcases a generation of self-taught artists with huge imaginations and creative flairs to craft moving and emotive art pieces.

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Roam The Towns And Cities Outside of Tourist Season

Visiting the many unique and diverse settlements dotted around Croatia’s inland, mountainous, and coastal settings is a fantastic thing to do during April. At this time of year, you’ll find tourist levels to be low, so staying in some of the most popular locations, including Dubrovnik, Split, or Zadar, would be an easy and less expensive feat compared to during the height of summer. 

Equally, many attractions within the main cities and towns of Croatia remain open during April, including the likes of popular museums, monasteries, national parks, and churches, leaving visitors not constricted in their choice of things to do when they visit some of the country’s most-loved destinations. 

Similarly, when finding places to eat whilst in Croatia during April, many restaurants and bars remain open at this time of year, despite tourists bringing a huge surge of income to local businesses during the summer months and less so outside of this period. You therefore shouldn’t have a problem finding delicious eateries serving traditional Croatian food for you to sample throughout your trip. 

So, you’ll practically have some of the country’s most popular tourist destinations to yourself during your trip to Croatia in April. This is a marvellous opportunity to truly savour the beauty of each destination alongside their main attractions away from their usual hustle and bustle and to snap a great photo or two in the process, of course. 

Visit A National Park

As Croatia’s verdant landscapes and wildlife begin to awaken at the end of spring and the beginning of summer, April is a lovely month to witness this in all of its glory which can be done during a visit to the national parks that the country is best known for. 

The country is home to 11 nature parks and 8 national parks brimming with untouched wildlife and hiking spots to revel in their pristine beauty.

Krka National Park is undoubtedly one of Croatia’s most popular national parks. Located in Southern Croatia, the National Park is best known for its seven cascading waterfalls that feed into beautiful pools of glistening green and blue set beneath the lush forestry. Whilst we wouldn’t recommend taking a dip at this time of year, we would definitely suggest indulging in any one of the hiking routes and trails in the national park to discover this thriving part of Croatia’s scenic landscape in the tranquil off-season.

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What To Wear For The Weather in Croatia in April

Given the changeable nature of the weather in Croatia in April, we would, of course, recommend packing for every eventuality rather than hedging your bets that your stay is going to be filled with sunshine and dry weather. This will mean packing a rain jacket or umbrella for any showers that may appear during your visit. Equally, be sure to pack sunglasses, a sun hat and suncream in case of the occasion that the sunshine is out and you’re able to take advantage of the prime Mediterranean climate. 

We would say that a swimsuit, and other swim-related items, are not required for your trip to Croatia in April given that the sea temperatures are still rather mild.

Where To Stay When Visiting Croatia in April

For Those considering where they should stay during their visit to Croatia in April, here at My Villa Breaks, we offer a range of beautiful villas across the Dalmatia region to suit every taste, budget, and preference. 

Villa Draga for example is a modern 4-bedroom villa hosting up to 10 guests located in the Split area of Dalmatia and only a short walk away from a local beach. The property also features its own private outdoor swimming pool, which is ideal for families or couples who simply want to laze the day away in the confines of their own luxury ‘home away from home’. 

On the other hand, Casa Brac, located on the popular Brac Island in the Dalmatia region, is a 5 guest 2-bedroom property boasting views of the seafront and surrounding landscape. It's a modern villa within close proximity to Pučišća town centre, meaning you’re never far from the lovely shops and restaurants that visitors to the island love.


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Staying in Croatia in April is a fantastic opportunity for lovers of this Mediterranean paradise, or those who have never been to the country before, to experience it in a new and lesser-viewed light, where its normally busy settlements are not packed and its natural landscapes are beginning to beautifully awaken.

Whilst the weather may be less dependable than during the summer season, the generally positive climate and weather that’s observed during the month of April, alongside the opportunities that a visit at this time of year offers, is well-worth sacrificing the height of summertime in Croatia for.

If you’re tempted by the weather in Croatia in April, alongside the country’s plethora of things to do and sights to see, we at My Villa Breaks are on hand for you to contact should you be looking to plan the next stages of your Croatian getaway.

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