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The Weather in Croatia in May

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As one of Europe’s most desirable holiday destinations, visitors flock from around the world to Croatia to experience its breathtaking Dalmatia coastline, historic settlements, and unique traditions and culture. If you’re one of the many to be enraptured by the country’s magnetism then you’ll undoubtedly want to know what the best time to visit Croatia […]

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The Weather in Croatia in April

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Croatia’s vantage point on the southeast of Europe, with its Dalmatia coastline stretching along the Adriatic Sea, makes it an exceptional location to indulge in the blissful heat and beautiful weather that regions and countries in the Mediterranean are best known for.  And no matter the time of year, visitors to Croatia’s coast, and the […]

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The Best Time To Visit Croatia

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The Best Time To Visit Dalmatia

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The picturesque region of Dalmatia, located on the east shore of the Adriatic Sea in the European country of Croatia, has long been a destination of respite for travellers looking to indulge in Croatia’s historic culture and mesmerising coastal settings. Composed of craggy hinterlands, pristine islands, and thriving cities, Dalmatia is one of the most […]

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Food and Drinks in Dalmatia

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Traditional Dalmatian Recipes Dalmation cuisine is notable for its simplicity and naturalness with an abundance of fresh or cooked vegetables, local greens, homemade cheeses, olive oil, fresh and dried herbs and lots of fish and other seafood such as clams, squid, cuttlefish, octopus, lobster and shrimp. You will often find thin slices of air-dried prosciutto […]

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Things to do in Dalmatia

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Main things to do Island hopping Island hopping is one of the top things to do – Brac, Hvar and Pag are some of the most popular islands. No two Dalmation Islands are the same, each has its own unique charm, although you can expect to find idyllic beaches and natural beauty wherever you go. […]

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